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Flotation Frothers
Type Trade Name Components Application To be combined with
Florrea 500 series Frothers Florrea 500 Frothers for the flotation of sulphides ores, non sulfides ores, graphite and coal Various Florrea flotation frothers are equivalents to
DOW 250
Aerofroth 65, 76A,pine oil
Cytec Oreprep X 133
Flotanol C-7,
Flotanol D-13, D14, H 53, H 54,
Flotol B,Flotaol 1638
Montanol grades, Sasfroth and Betafroth
Florrea xanthate
Florrea1000 series collector
Florrea2000 series collector
Florrea2200 series collector
Florrea2250 series collector
Florrea2300 series collector
Florrea2500 series collector
Florrea2700 series collector
Florrea3000series collector
Florrea4000 series collector
Florrea8000 series collector
Florrea8800 series collector
Florrea9000 series collector Depressants
Florrea D100 series Activators
Florrea A600 series Flocculants
Florrea FC300 series
Florrea 510
Florrea 515
Florrea 520
Florrea 522
Florrea 525
Florrea 530
Florrea 535
Florrea 540
Florrea 545
Florrea 550
Florrea 560
Florrea 565
Florrea 570
Florrea 577
Florrea 577-1
Florrea 580
Florrea 590 Modified pine oil
Florrea 595 Coal frother