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Flotation Collector
Type Trade Name Components Application To be combined with
Florrea 2200 Series
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2210 Mixture of
dithiophosphate and others.
Florrea 2200 collectors
are, like xanthate,
generally used in the
flotation of sulphide ores
or sulphidized oxide
minerals. As with
xanthate, increasing chain
length will increase the
activity of whilst decreasing selectivity.
In combination with
xanthate, Florrea 2200
series collector can
provide remarkable
advantage in grade and
recovery of the
concentrates. pH:4-12
and more effective in
alkaline flotaiton
circuit.More selective
than xanthates.
Selective collector for Copper and Zinc Sulfide ores
Florrea Xanthate
Florrea other collectors
Florrea Frothers
Florrea500 Florrea510
Florrea515 Florrea520
Florrea522 Florrea525
Florrea530 Florrea535
Florrea540 Florrea545
Florrea550 Florrea560
Florrea565 Florrea570
Florrea577 Florrea580
Depressants Florrea D100 series
Activators Florrea A600 series
Flocculants Florrea FC300 series
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2211
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2212 Selective collector for Copper from Cu/Zn Ores , for activated Zinc sulfides Ores .Very selective against iron sulfides ores.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2213
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2214 Strong, & selective collector for Cu, Ni,precious metals and activated Zn minerals.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2215 Collector for Cu and activated Zn minerals especially for coarse middlings.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2216 Strong collector for Cu and gold while selective against iron sulfides ores
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2220 Frothing Collector For Copper,lead,gold,silver,          PGM ,nickel ,antimony And Activated Zinc Sulfides ores.Selective Against pyrite nd Pyrrhotite.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2221 Collector for Lead,copper,gold &silver.Selective against sphalerite and iron sulfides. Good for Lead/Zinc separation.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2218 Excellent collector for Copper,gold and silver.Good for Copper/Zinc separation and Copper/Lead separation
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2228 Collector for copper and gold sulfides ores
2500 Series
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2519 Mixture of
Collector for Ag, Pb, Cu and activated Zn sulfides ores .Good for bulk selective flotation of Pb/ Zn. ores with frothing characteristics
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2541 Flotation collector for Pb from Pb/Zn ores,secondary collector for some copper ores.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2541LF
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2541HF
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2542 flotation collector for Pb from Pb/Zn ores and Cu/Pb from Cu/Pb/Zn ores.Improves Ag recovery.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2531
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2517 Collector for Cu and Pb sulfides ores.Very Weak collecting power for sphalerite and therefore used in the selective flotation for Cu/Pb ores against zinc sulfides
 Florrea Dithiophosphate 2517LF
 Florrea Dithiophosphate 2517HF
Florrea 2300
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2345 Mixture of
Florrea 2300 series are water solubles excellent copper collectors in acid circuits and in LPF circuits. They are also effective collector at all pH ranges for improving gold recovery. Selective against iron sulfides ores
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2348
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2348LF
2700 Series
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2700 Mixture of dithiophosphate Collector for gold-bearing pyrite in acid and neutral circuits.Collector for cerusite in conjunction with xanthate and dithiophosphate
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2701 Collector for tarnished and secondary Cu minerals, tarnished Pb and Zn minerals, and precious metals in alkaline circuit. Excellent collector for pyrite and auriferous pyrite in acid and neutral circuits.
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2702 Collector for precious and base-metal ores (Cu, Ni and Zn). Excellent for bulk flotation of poly-metallic ores and pyritic gold ores in acid circuits. Stronger than 2701.May replace xanthate
Florrea Dithiophosphate 2703 Stronger collector than 2702 with same application
4000 series
Florrea 4000 Formulated dithiophosphate Excellent collector for Copper,gold ores
Florrea 4001 Excellent collector for nonferrous metals sulfides flotation
Florrea 4100
Florrea 1000
Florrea 1021 Ethyl xanthogen methyl formate The Florrea Xanthogen Ethyl formate series are water insoluble oily liquids that function at all pH values between 2 and 12 and are selective against pyrite except between pH 6-8. They are stable in both acid and alkaline pH and do not age with time. These products provide better selectivity at lower dosages and pH ranges compared to xanthate. The Collectors are used in flotation of molybdenum-bearing copper ores , where molybdenum recovery has been increased by more than 10% without adverse effects on copper recovery.They are Collectors for difficuty to float ores such as copper,lead, zinc,nickel sulfides. Extremely effective in providing superior performance in copper activated zinc when xanthates are not present. May replace xanthate when higher quality separation is required. Dosage is 2-50g/ton ore which is 20-75% less than xanthate.
Florrea 1022 Ethyl xanthogen ethyl formate
Florrea 1032 Isopropyl xanthogen ethyl formate
Florrea 1042 Isobutyl xanthogen ethyl formate
Florrea 1043 Isobutyl Xanthogen propyl Formate
Florrea 1044 Isobutyl Xanthogen Butyl Formate
Florrea 1051 N-buttyl xanthogen ethyl formate
Florrea 1060 P amyl xanthogen ethyl formate
Oxide ore collecotr
Florrea 8000 Series
Florrea 8005 Advanced flotation collector for copper oxides ores Excellent collector for copper oxide ores
Florrea 8100
Florrea 8100X
Florrea 8103
Florrea 8105
Florrea 8300
Florrea 8400
Florrea 8400A
Florrea 8405
Florrea 8406
Florrea 8450
Florrea 8450A
Florrea 8868X
Florrea 8878
Florrea 8920 Collector for Rare Earth Ore Flotation  Collector for Rare Earth Ore Flotation 
Florrea 5020 Collector for oxide lead ores Collector for oxide lead ores
Florrea 8500
Florrea 7113A
Florrea 7114
Florrea 8601 Collector for oxide zinc ores Collector for oxide zinc ores
Tungsten collector
Florrea 7500 series
Florrea 7510 for wolframite
Collector for tungsten Collector for wolframite and Scheelite in natural temperature
Florrea7520 for scheelite
Florrea7530 for scheelite
Florrea7540 for scheelite
Florrea Collector
Florrea 8800 Alkyl xanthate ester Excellent collector for molybedenite on copper/molybdenite ores flotation especially to improve moly recovery. Excellent collector for copper, moly, and sulfidized base metal oxides. May be combined with thiocarbamates and other specialty collectors
Florrea 8811
Florrea 8822
3000 series
Florrea 3001 Sodium dialkyl dithiocarbamate Excellent powerful sulfide ores collectors and can be used in bulk sulfide flotation for iron sulfides containing precious metals, nickel,copper, lead and zinc .They are much more stable than xanthates, even in acid circuits.Consequently, they are particularly effective for the flotation of most sulfides and precious metals in acid and neutral pH circuits.They are more expensive than xanthates and are usually used as secondary collector
Florrea 3002
Florrea 3004
Florrea 3005
Florrea 3010
2000 series
Florrea 2001 Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate Florrea 2000 series collectors are water insolubles,oily liquids that functions well in alkaline flotation circuits(pH7-12) for the recovery of copper sulfides and associated precious metals like gold and silver. It works well with the recovery of tarnished or partially oxidized ores. It has been used to recover copper activated sphalerite, but this is not common. Highyl selevtive against iron sulfides ores . Due to its high selectivity, it generally requires the conjoint use of a xanthate to insure maximum recovery of middling  (composite) particles. It is a fast collector and produces moderate recovery in many applications. It is recommended for porphyry copper deposits, copper ores in tropical climates, and copper-gold ores.
Florrea 2002 Isopropyl Methyl Thionocarbamate
Florrea 2003 Isobutyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate
Florrea 2004 Isobutyl Methyl Thionocarbamate
Florrea 2005 N-butyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate
2250 Series
Florrea 2254 Formulated speciaty collectors Good Collector for copper sulfides ores and increase recovery for associated gold and silver.Selective against iron sulfides ores .Suitable for flotation of polymetals sulfides ores .
Florrea 2255
Florrea 2256
Florrea 2257
9000 series
Florrea 920 Modified newest sulphide collector for non ferrous metals sulphides and precious metals Stronger collectors at lower pH than standard thionocarbamates but still retain their selectivity against iron sulfides ores .Excellent collectors for Cu rich minerals and coarse particles.They are oily in nature and should be added neat with some conditioning. They are frequently added with auxiliary collectors to lower the cost.Much better selectivity for pyrite than traditional collectors like xanthate and Z-200(isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate). Wide Flotation pH value range .It can be used for separation of Cu-Zn and Cu-S, Pb-Zn in low pH range with increase for the recovery of associated Au, Ag, Mo, Pb and Pt. at the same time, it can also be used for flotation separation of Zn-S at high pH values.Tremendously reduce the consumption of lime. The total reagents costs are greatly reduced and the profits of mine are increased. Reducing the dosages of collector,depressant, frothers and activator, and therefore alleviate environmental problem associated with these chemicals collector for polymetals flotation. pH:3.5-10. May replace traditional collectors(xanthate and dithiophosphate)
Florrea 9200
Florrea 9300
Florrea 9301
Florrea 9302
Florrea 9400
Florrea 9401
Florrea 9402
Florrea 9435A
Florrea 9437
Florrea 9445
Florrea 9471
Florrea 9500
Florrea 9600
Florrea 9602
Florrea 9603
Florrea 9612
Florrea 9700
Florrea 9950
Florrea 9951
Florrea 9952
Florrea 9953
Florrea 9954
Florrea 9955
Florrea 9956
Florrea 9957
Florrea 9958
Florrea 9959
Florrea 9960
Florrea 9961
Florrea 9962
Florrea 9963
Florrea 9964
Florrea 9965
Florrea 9968
Florrea 9970
Florrea 9978
Florrea 9979
Florrea 9980
Florrea 9985A
Florrea 9986A
Coal Collector Florrea 1300 Coal collector Coal collector
Nonmetal collectors Florrea 7000 Florrea 7000 collector Collector for non metals: Barite,Cassiterite,fluorite, collophanite,Apatite,calcite