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Flotation Activator
Type Trade Name Components Application
A600 series
Florrea A611 Specialty copper ores activator Excellent Activators for copper oxide ores flotation to increase recovery . Certain minerals do not float well with the use of only a collector, but require prior activation with Florrea speciaty Activator . May tremendously reduce the dosage of sodium sulfides and sodium hydrosulfide .
Florrea A612 Specialty copper ores activator
Florrea A613 Specialty copper ores activator
Florrea A615 Triethanolamine
Florrea A616 sodium polysulfide
Florrea A617 Replacement for copper sulphate 
Florrea A620 Specialty copper ores activator
Florrea A621 Replacement for copper sulphate Activation of Zn sulfide and Fe sulfide minerals such as pyrite and pyrrhotite when the latter contain values such as Au, Ni and PGM elements.
Florrea A622 Lead nitrate Activator for stibnite on antimony sulfide minerals .Accelerator in cyanidation of precious metals .
Florrea D131 Ammonium sulfate activator for copper oxide,recommended to be used with sodium sulfide at ratio of 1:1
Florrea D117 NaSH=sodium hydrosulphide Commonly used prior to collector addition for the activation of Cu, Pb, and Zn minerals
Florrea D118 sodium  sulphide